Ep 043 – Jim Toomey

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Jim Toomey came in to this world with a bang – literally! Born in a South London hospital during an air-raid, Jim got the taste of things going boom-boom at an early age. After a stint working for The Automobile Association, Jim became a jazz drummer.  Working as a session musician in London during its musical hayday, he was hanging in clubs with The Rolling Stones, The Animals and jamming with Jimi Hendrix.

In 1976, he joined forces with Peet Coombes Dave Stewart, Annie Lennox and Eddie Chin, forming the band – The Tourists. After touring for three years, and three successful albums, the band broke up.  Jim went on to  form a Sunny Coast band – The Firebirds.

Jim has now written a book called, “We Were Tourists” and will be launching it here on the Sunshine Coast on October 19 2018 at “The Land and Sea Brewery”.


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  1. Hey Sean, thanks for posting this on me fan club page. At the risk of being pedantic could I ask you to change just one word on the above. Could you change the word played to jammed with Hendrix.

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