Ep044 – Erin Sulman 2013 Past BS Recast

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Welcome to the Roadless Traveller Podcast! Today we are recasting an episode of The Ben and Sëan Show from 2013, featuring Erin Sulman! Erin is the drummer with The Barley Shakes as well as Aussie Boogaloo (and just about anyone else who will have him!)  Since this recording, Erin and his partner, Sofie, have become the parents of two daughters! Lots of fun stories of crazy gigs and funny anecdotes on this episode.  If you enjoy it, let me know and I’ll post some of the other episodes!




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This episode recorded at Guitar on the Wall Studios!


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And thanks, as always, to The Barleyshakes for the use of “The Travelling Song” as our theme song. Check them out at: www.barleyshakes.com


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