Ep 046 – Annette Fear – Celebrity Chef Goes Wild!

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From a small farming town in Northern New South Wales to becoming the head (and only) chef on a remote scientific research station in the Antarctic – Annette Fear has always taken the road less travelled! Her early life took her to many places – including the USA – Asia – and even Yandina, where she helped establish one of Australia’s most iconic destination restaurants and cooking schools – Peter and Helen Brierty’s, The Spirit House. After twenty years (during which she also co-owned her own successful restaurant in Sunshine Beach, Queensland – Sabai Sabai, and co-authored, with Helen Brierty, five successful cookbooks for the Spirit House) Annette decided she wanted a new challenge and persistantly applied for a spot on Macquarie Island research station until they finally gave it to her. There, she  cooked for the station, observed the penguins and elephant seals and played with the baby seals after they were weened from thier mothers.  Annette’s journey doesn’t seem any closer to over as she takes off on another trip around the world! Her story is fascinating and inspiring!


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