Ep047 – The Goat’s Acoustic Sessions Festival Wrap-up

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On the 13-15th of September, 2019, I had the honour of performing at the inaugural Goats Acoustic Sessions, or GAS Festival, hosted by The Hillbilly Goats! This episode is a wrap up of that festival. Bryce and Mahney Wearne are the brains behind the Goats and, after years of being involved in other festivals both on stage and behind the scenes, they decided to create one of their own. They bought a 100 acre block of land, west of Maryborough, Queensland and, over a four month period, worked with a few dedicated volunteers to create the festival site, complete with camping, fresh water, showers and a beautiful huge shed, all fitted out with acoustic batting and accoutraments to make a perfect performance area. Join me as I talk to Bryce and Mahney, and a few of the other performers the day after the festival.

With Rosie Burgess and Sam Lohs!
Tim Woodz
Caroline Trengove


Chris Matthews

David Flower

Trevor Jordan
Linda Mckeachie and Festival Cook, Donna Simpson


Katelyn McIvor
Bob Gammage


Website Links to Artists appearing on the podcast:

The Hillbilly Goats – https://hillbillygoats.com.au/

Chris Matthews – https://www.chrismatthewsmusic.com/

Tim Woodz – www.timwoodz.com

David Flower – DavidFlowerMusic.com

Caroline Trengove – www.carolinetrengove.com

Rosie Burgess Trio – www.rosieburgess.com

Bob Gammage – www.globalartbank.com



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